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What is Universal Energy Healing? offers a solid definition of "Universal Energy Healing:

We practice Universal Energy Healing, an ancient healing art similar to that taught by most religious Great Masters of human history. Universal Energy Healing is based on the concepts that our bodies can be attuned to channel and use a specific energy for healing. The Indians call this energy "Prana" and the Chinese call it "Chi." With proper training, one can learn to channel this energy into a person's body to help trigger and/or enhance the body's natural healing system.

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Notice that Universal Energy is defined by words that mean subtle energy: Chi and prana.

Also notice that the "Universal Energy Healer" must learn to "channel this energy into a person's body." To channel energy into a person's body is to send demons into that person's body. New Age/witch practitioners almost never refer to these energies as demons or devils but that is exactly what they are.

Christians have the benefit of the teachings of Holy bible and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives to perceive this truth. Unbelievers do not.

Christians receive healing from God. God cannot be controlled (channeled) by anyone.  Beware of any form of healing that a person can control via the transfer of "healing energy" which is subtle energy.


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