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"Christian Rock": Drumming up the One World Church

Note: We are not Dispensationalists like our Baptist brethren but we wanted to share with you the work they have done exposing the truth of the abject evil behind rock music, even so-called "Christian Rock."


Book by David Cloud: Rock and Roll's War Against God

Videos by David Cloud: Music For Good or Evil

Link to article: The Occult in "Christian" Music

link to: It's Only Rock n' Roll . . . But it Kills

link to article: The Whole Purpose of Rock Music is REBELLION.

link to article: The Difference Between Good and Bad Music

new link: Old Fashioned Christian Radio

 "What's Wrong with Christian Rock?"
The entire one-hour video in RealVideo format. This presentation considers such CCM stars as Mylon Le Fevre, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Carman and Petra. Why not take a look?  Right-click here and select 'save target as' to download. 

link to: What's Wrong With Christian Rock's Fruit?

link to: What's Wrong With My Excuses?

link to :Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy

link to: Online Bible Course on Music  

link to: Christian Rock: Exposed

link to :"Christian Rock Music": Christian or Satanic?

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