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 Luciferian Leavening in Dr. Joye Pugh's Eden Book

Pugh's Perverse Message: the Serpent Told the Truth and God Told a Lie

In same like fashion as Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries, Dr. Joye Pugh (author of Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666) inserted a Luciferian marking to the biblical account of the fall of man by causing the serpent to appear trustworthy and God to appear as a liar.

Let us look at the statements Dr. Joye Pugh added to Genesis chapter 3 that make the serpent look like the truthful "good guy" and God look like a liar:

Eve explained to God that Lucifer had tempted her to eat by promising her that she would become wise like God and would not die. Eve said she trusted Lucifer, so she ate the fruit and did not die, just as Lucifer had promised.

(Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil by Dr. Joye Pugh pg. 28) emphasis added

Doesn't Dr. Pugh know that when Lucifer fell he became Satan? (I realize that Luciferians like to refer to Satan as Lucifer, but Dr. Pugh is supposed to be teaching Christian doctrine. Christians know that Lucifer fell and became Satan.)

Compare Dr. Pugh's alterations with those Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries made to the Genesis chapter 3 biblical account that cause the serpent to appear truthful and God to appear deceitful:

Eve: See, I didn't die. Eat, and it will make you wise also.

(Good and Evil by Michael Pearl, page 5) emphasis added

Adam: He didn't kill us! We're still alive!

(Good and Evil by Michael Pearl, page 8) emphasis added

This is positively a Luciferian twist on the Fall of Man. Michael Pearl and Dr. Joye Pugh both manipulated the biblical account in order to cause Satan to look like the honest one and God to look like a liar!

Dr. Pugh went so far as to say Eve trusted Lucifer, ate the fruit and did not die! She referred to Satan as Lucifer and as a keeper of his promise.

Note: Granted, Dr. Joye Pugh made some biblically-accurate statements about Adam and Eve's fall into sin in her Eden book and near the bottom of page 28 she made it clear that Adam and Eve's bodies would die just as God said.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of how Joye Pugh  placed a Luciferian spin on the Fall of Man in her book, Eden: Knowledge of Good and Evil. Dr. Joye Pugh's book has much more witchcraft/occult leavening. See: Notes on Eden: Knowledge of Good and Evil: 666 by Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh


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