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Halloween: The Time For Intercessory Prayer

During the month of October and especially the week before Halloween, our family fasts and prays for people being held for human sacrifice. God has shown us that interceding for intended Halloween murder victims is our reasonable service to him and that we must tell others so they will will see the need to enter into this ministry with us. (See Romans 12: 1)

When the article, "Halloween: The Time For Intercessory Prayer" was first published to the internet in 2002, I could find no other articles on the internet that exposed the taboo subject of Halloween and human sacrifice. I learned that a small minority of leaders who hold positions of authority in the Christian establishment (including those who represent themselves as being saved out of the occult) will admonish believers not to partake of Halloween because it is evil, but they are strangely silent regarding what God's people can and must do to combat this evil. 

It is now October, 2019, and plenty of articles and youtubes that address human sacrifice on Halloween can be found on the internet. Incidentally, the Druids are not the only ones who practiced human sacrifice in the past and continue to do so in the present. My husband, Gary, witnessed both animal and human sacrifice in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1970's when he when he was a teenager. Human sacrifice is practiced all over the world, from primitive tribes to the most sophisticated of societies. Satan's followers of many varieties (including Luciferian witches) practice human sacrifice. Followers of Jesus Christ can and must successfully combat these murders through the weapon of prayer. 

God does answer intercessory prayer on the behalf of intended sacrifice victims and lives have been saved through the years because Christians have fasted and prayed for their deliverance from ritual sacrifice. Satan has lost many sacrifice victims due to the fasting and prayer of God's people against this specific unspeakable evil committed every Halloween, and on other witchcraft and satanic high days. 

God receives much glory when his people fast and pray and really believe he will work mightily to prevent many sacrifices to Satan on Halloween as well as other human sacrifice days. Prayer against this horrendous work of darkness is a "seasonable" good that God's people are capable of doing and morally obligated to do as we walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." James 4:17


Fasting before and on Halloween

Fasting is not easy for me and sometimes I think I can't do it, but when God calls his child to fast, he always provides the strength. If you believe God is commanding you to fast and pray this month against ritual murder, then you will have the grace to do it.

Fasting for one day can be a sacrifice if you have never fasted before. Fasting for one meal might be the place for some people to start. (Many people have found that eating one meal a day is a doable way to fast.) Fast from food in any way that you can. Please don't fall for Satan's lie that if you can't go a week without eating then you might as well not fast at all. 

Start by fasting one meal and God will honor it. What if thousands of Christians who have never fasted would commit to fast one meal a day on the week before Halloween? Others can fast until suppertime or one entire day at a time during this evil week. And some can even fast for days or weeks during the month of October. The Holy Spirit will lead each person to do the will of the Father in this regard. 

I know that if I was the one who was bound and undergoing preparations for ritual slaughter, I would desperately hope that brothers and sisters in Christ would be willing to undergo a bit of inconvenience in order to intercede for my miraculous deliverance from unspeakable torture and death. Thinking on these things keeps me going when it is time to fast and pray. 

There are Christians who are bound right now and waiting for the terrible moment (beginning at midnight, October 31st) when they will be brutally murdered. What would YOU be doing if you were kidnapped by satanists and kept under guard while waiting for your brutal murder?  You would be praying for God to intervene and get you out of that situation wouldn't you? And God will do this if His people will pray. How to Pray Against Halloween

The Word of God promises that we will reap what we sow. Are you willing to sow intercessory prayer for people (both Christian and unbeliever) that are awaiting slaughter?  If you are, you will reap spiritual blessings and the mercy of God when you are in dire need.

It takes love to abstain from food and to pray fervently for people you probably will never meet and for results you won't be fully aware of until you stand before the throne of God. Those who are in Christ Jesus know that faith works by love. (See Gal. 5:6)

Please pray for unbelievers and Satan's followers who are also being held for human sacrifice. Pray that God will enable them to escape and that they would know that they were spared by our Heavenly Father's tender mercy. Ask God to reveal himself to them so they would gratefully give their lives to him forever.

Christian, it is by the mercy of God that you are not a sacrifice victim, waiting for an excruciating death. In thanksgiving to God for his tender mercies toward you, present your body to God in fastings and prayers, and remember that you are "a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." Romans 12: 1

May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you and honor your sacrifice of love for the sake of those he also loves and longs to save.


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