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Halloween: It is Not Holy Ghost Night

According to, Carpenters Home Church of Lakeland Florida is hosting Holy Ghost Night with  Rodney-Howard Browne on October 31st. According to their website, Halloween is Carpenters Home Church's 10th Anniversary! [note: This article was written in October, 2003.]

Rodney-Howard Browne manipulates a spirit that he refers to as the Holy Spirit that causes people to break into uncontrollable laughter and other uncontrollable manifestations. He accomplishes this feat rather consistently with the point of a finger, or by simply staring at people. 

Pointing and staring happen to be two methods witches use to unleash devils on people. I was a recipient of both methods during the time Gary and I were members of the pseudo Baptist church. (See About Gary and Lisa Ruby)

It appears that women succumb more easily to Brown's spiritual manipulations, and Rodney is aware of this. His response to the question, "What's it like to be in the influence of this 'spirit'?" is as follows:

 "The ladies enter in easier than men, for they have had to learn to submit." (1)

I watched Rodney-Howard Browne perform his unsanctified antics on taped video. This was not just a short clip. It was footage of an entire program! Rodney called a woman out of the audience so she could come up on stage and share what the Lord had done in her life. This woman was unable to utter a single word because she was immediately gripped with fits of laughter. The entire time she was on stage with Browne, which was several minutes, she was literally doubled over with laughter. Do not confuse the forced laughter of this spiritual victim with merriment. It was not joy in the Holy Spirit; it was involuntary laughter, which had complete control of her.

At times the woman seemed breathless due to the continuous nature of the explosive laughter. She even emitted some slight screeching sounds after the fits of laughter went on for an almost unbearable length of time. 

All the while, Rodney gave the woman and the audience a bored, deadpan look which added to the incongruity of the situation. He even quipped that she gave the same testimony every time he asked her what the Lord had done in her life! Rodney's placid expression, amidst the scene of a woman literally bound by hysterical laughter, was not fitting and almost eerie. It was a religious reality show in which the loser (the woman who received evil spirits) was deceived into thinking she was the winner (that she had received Holy Spirit joy.) The Holy Spirit is not dispensed or manipulated by the will of man. He is  God, not a force that can be dispensed at man's will. 

I was saddened to watch this woman in the throes of demonic manifestation while being convinced that the Holy Spirit was the author of all that confusion. Yes, the elect can be deceived if it is possible. The devils will remain with this woman and lead her into the paths of apostasy for Satan's name sake if she does not repent and in the name of Jesus Christ, renounce Rodney Howard-Brown and every spirit he unleashed upon her.

Uncontrollable laughter is not a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It is a manifestation of mocking evil spirits, who are laughing at the strongholds they are gaining in the lives of many Christians via Rodney Howard-Browne's "laughing revival" spirits.

The following excerpt is an example of evil spirits urging laughter on a young man who had picked up this demonic manifestation through past occult activities. Troubled, he went to a psychic and she told him that he had darkness around him. He spent a lot of money following her directives to be free of this demonic torment, but of course the psychic could not help him. Only the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to deliver a person from the power of darkness. Finally, the man wrote to an online priest (2) and expressed his concerns:

He said he did not think i was possessed but i feel like always laughing when bad things happen to other people or feel like laughing in general because it seems i endorse evil. It seems also that i laugh at good or maybe holy things. I can not say for sure because i have had a hard time to explain this to others.(3)

This is an example of how evil spirits create an urge to laugh through an individual. This desire to laugh occurs when bad things happen to others (devils enjoy human suffering) and the laughing is also directed at goodness and holiness--attributes of God. 

Even this non-Christian young man suspected that his urge to laugh might be demonic: 

My friend who is somewhat involved in white magic has told me since the day i knew her she could not go to a church because she laughs out lound.[sic] Could i have picked something up from her.(4)

The Holy Spirit does not perform on Rodney Howard Browne's cue, or anyone else's for that matter, but evil spirits do. October 31st is Satan's "holy" night and he is the one who "blesses" with spiritual curses on this night in particular. He also can and does "bless" at any time in which God's people unknowingly give him permission to do so by accepting occult manifestations in the name of Jesus Christ.

Carpenters Home church is making its intentions rather obvious by calling Halloween, Holy Ghost Night! I could not find a single website listed on with the search words: Halloween and "Holy Ghost Night." It seems that to call Halloween a "Holy Ghost Night" is a new satanic paradigm in the church.

Referring to Halloween as "Holy Ghost Night" is mixing together and blurring what is of Satan and what is of God. The Left Behind Series does this as well as their associates Christianity Today and Rapture Ready. Indeed almost every big name ministry in modern-day "Christendom" is guilty of synthesizing light and darkness. This is done for the purpose of preparing the church for Antichrist.


(1) WEIGHED AND FOUND WANTING by Pastor Bill Randles

(2) Note: Roman Catholicism is not Bible Christianity, and many of the priest's directives will not help Anthony, but only further his spiritual bondage, such as: performing the "sacraments," devotions to the saints, using Holy Water, Holy salt (salt is used in occult rituals), wearing scapular, mass, etc. 

Anthony needs to surrender his life in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ, renounce every work of darkness, and cleanse himself of all spiritual filthiness of flesh and spirit in Jesus' name. I provided this online example to illustrate that even a lost person realized that his urges to laugh at inappropriate times and situations were not normal and were from devils.

(3) Demonic Interference: Question From Anthony

(4) ibid.

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