Letter to Governor Jeb Bush


From:  commissioned@hushmail.com
To:  fl_governor@eog.state.fl.us
Subject:  Death Order Doublespeak (resend)
Date:  Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:49:54 -0800


Governor Bush:

Please take the time to read my article entitled, Judge Greer and
Attorney Gibbs: Death Order Doublespeak at

http://libertytothecaptives.net/greer_doublespeak.html. This
article  exposes the fact that Judge Greer's order does not even
mention medical treatment or a feeding tube.

I am making it publicly known that I have contacted you regarding
the Death Order Doublespeak article at the following email

Jeb.Bush@MyFlorida.com, jeb@jeb.org, fl_governor@eog.state.fl.us

Terri has the right according to the statutes of the state of
Florida to receive oral food and water. Judge Greer's order is not
lawful and therefore, you have the authority to intervene and
personally go to the hospice and give soft food and water to Terri
Schiavo immediately. Terri swallows saliva which is more difficult
to swallow than soft food.


Lisa Ruby



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