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Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Pretenders
 The Good Spirit: Making Christians Ready for "Christ"

Charles Spurgeon often assigned titles and names to God—the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit—that are not in the Bible. In the sermon excerpt below, he gave the Holy Spirit the title: "the good Spirit":

"Beloved Friends, this is the true preparedness of heart for coming to Christ—the preparedness of coming to Him just as you are! And it was John’s business, thus, “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” That is also my business at this time. May the good Spirit, who dwelt in John the Baptist, work through us, also, that some here may be made ready for Christ—“a people prepared for the Lord”! Let us see how John carried out his commission. We shall then be better able to understand the text." "A People Prepared For the Lord" (#2404)

The title, "the good Spirit" is not found in the King James Bible. (It is however, now found in the New International Version.)

The phrase "thy good spirit" is found once in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. In this verse, Nehemiah is speaking to God about something that God gave—thy good spirit:

"Thou gavest also thy good spirit to instruct them, and withheldest not thy manna from their mouth, and gavest them water for their thirst." Nehemiah 9:20

"Thy good spirit" is not a name or a title. Nehemiah was simply saying, "Thou gavest also thy good spirit to instruct them." Spurgeon replaced "my" with "the" and also added "who" in order to turn "thy good spirit" into a title. (He added to the Bible in order to create the title he sought.)
Nobody, not even Charles Spurgeon has the right create a title for God (that is adding to the Bible) but that is what he did—and he did this in many sermons. In this case He changed "thy good spirit" into the unbiblical title, "the good Spirit," and placed this Spirit into John the Baptist as well as the modern-day Christian.

"The good Spirit" is an inclusive title and spans many religious belief systems. The Holy Spirit is a specific, biblical term and only applies to the God of the Bible.
Charles Spurgeon's "The good Spirit" did not work in John the Baptist. Rather, the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) worked in John the Baptist.
Who is "the good Spirit" who Charles Spurgeon says will work through us so that we may be made ready for Christ?
The good Spirit (The Good Spirit, the good spirit) is a spirit of:

Theosophy (Luciferianism), Freemasonry, Shamanism, Gnosticism, Cabala, Witchcraft/magic, Mormonism, Unification Church, Zoroastrianism, and more.

In this sermon, Charles Spurgeon conditioned Christians to believe the same spirit that works in occult/world religions—the good Spirit—works in Christians to prepare us for the return of Christ.
Since "the good Spirit" is a spirit of occult/world religions—and Spurgeon said this same spirit works in the Christian— which "Christ" was Charles Spurgeon conditioning Christians to accept?
The "Christ" that the "good Spirit" seeks to make Christians ready for is Antichrist, not the Lord Jesus Christ.
Even though this sermon looks good on its face—as most of Spurgeon's sermons do— the subliminal conditioning via the repeated use of occult terms and titles has a cumulative effect—the results being seen in the state of the church today.

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