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Charles Spurgeon Uncensored

 Meme: The Great Teacher

The photo is of the Ascended Master"Lord Maitreya":


Maitreya is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar of the Brahmins - the last Messiah who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle."

(The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky)


Theosophists/Luciferians wait for the revelation of their New Age false Christ who they refer to as Lord MaitreyaWorld Teacher or "The Great Teacher:"


Charles Spurgeon gave Jesus Christ the unbiblical title, "The Great Teacher"/the great Teacher dozens of times.

The Bible refers to Jesus as "a teacher come from God" once in John 3:2, but never gives him the title, "The Great Teacher."


Charles Spurgeon Uncensored The Great Teacher = Lord Maitreya 




1st quote: The Best House Visitation #1236
2nd quote: Mystery! Saints Sorrowing and Jesus Glad! #585
3rd quote: Compassion on the Ignorant #2529 
4th quote: The Samaritan Woman and Her Mission #1678
5th quote: Commentary on Matthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom


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