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Star of Baphomet Marks No Greater Joy Ministries

Michael and Debi Pearl's No Greater Joy Ministries is marked with blatant occult symbolism and doctrines. They use fonts to incorporate occult symbols into some of their book covers, DVD covers and even their magazine.

Below is a scanned copy of page 6 from the 2011 NGJ Calendar edition of their magazine. This page features photos of some the people who came to their grounds to visit the previous summer. Notice the inverted star displayed in the orange-colored block that is the backdrop for the word, "Our." (Michael Pearl is pictured almost directly beneath the "star.")

No Greater Joy 2011 Calendar Issue page 6

As you can see, No Greater Joy Ministries inserted a nearly encircled (2) five-pointed, upside-down "star" symbol into the "O" in the word, "Our." The inverted star is the configuration of the Goat's Head.

No Greater Joy Star of Baphomet

In order to most plainly show that the star symbol used in the No Greater Joy 2011 Calendar magazine edition is the same star as the satanic/witchcraft Star of Baphomet, I have cropped and enlarged the star even more to reveal the single point downward positioning, which is in the shape of the "Goat's Head."

Compare No Greater Joy's star with the Church of Satan's Star of Baphomet. The five-pointed star in the No Greater Joy magazine is pointing downward, just like the Star of Baphomet from and the Eastern Star.
  The stars are identical!

Star of Baphomet on No Greater JoyStar of Baphomet
(4)                                               (5)                                

The symbol of Baphomet, which represents Satan, is used by black magick witches and satanists (including Freemasons). He is known to them as The God of the Witches, the Black Goat, Goat of a Thousand Young, Goat of Mendes, Goat's Head Star, Judas Goat, Sabbatic Goat, Scapegoat, and Star of Mendes. (6)

Satanists and witches openly mark their book covers, websites, T-shirts, album covers, businesses, etc. with symbols that exalt their god. True Christians abhor that which is evil. They do not sneak in occult symbols to covertly mark themselves for the devil.

Take heed whenever a professing Christian ministry uses fonts or any other means to display satanic and witchcraft symbolism when the context does not require it. (See how
Texe Marrs and Michael Pearl sneaked in Point Within a Circle Masonic symbolism via an "O" font.)

Many self-proclaimed Christian ministries use occult symbolismónot for the purpose of exposing and warning against itóbut
as a marking. When a ministry is using occult symbolism and/or occult doctrines in order to mark themselves for their actual master, they typically insert them into their materials without comment. They stealthily incorporate satanic or witchcraft markings into their "ministry materials" by way of a logo design, a message board avatar, a font, a picture, writings and audio/visual presentations.

All occult practitioners, whether they practice openly or under a "Christian" front, use some of the following: magickal fonts and alphabets, runes (including runes and occult symbols incorporated into logos), symbols, numbers, occult phraseology, occult doctrines and even certain colors and color combinations (red and black is a favorite) to mark their work for Satan.

Those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ abstain from all appearance of evil. They do not mark themselves with symbolism that represents evil.


(1) Scanned copy of page 6 from No Greater Joy magazine, 2011 NGJ Calendar Edition
(2) Dr. Cathy Burns wrote: "Actually, any occult symbol is considered to be even more powerful whenever a circle is used around another occultic symbol." Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated by Dr. Cathy Burns page 30
(3) scanned, cropped and enlarged image ("O" in "Our) from No Greater Joy Ministries magazine (2011 Calendar Edition, page 6)
(4) Enlarged view of the inverted star (page 6 from No Greater Joy magazine, 2011 Calendar Edition) which is the shape specifically configured for the goat's head.
5) Image of Star of Baphomet found at (We used this image for educational purposes only. We recommend that you stay away from this site.)
(6) Information found in Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated by Dr. Cathy Burns page 402

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