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Miracle II: The Real Master Behind the Miracles

Healings Are From Miracle II "Energy" Not God

As mentioned in the Introduction article, when the Christian ladies discontinued using the Miracle II products, their symptoms returned. I believe this is one of many indications that God is not healing people through Miracle II products. Another power is at work.

Healings that are demonic in nature are usually temporary. Demons will not continue to play the game if you do not remain in the game and play by their rules.

The following excerpt from Joel's Miracle II Blog indicates that the Miracle II spokesmen are aware of and even warn customers that healings/improvements continue only as long as the person continues to use Miracle II products! 

Of course the Miracle II spokesmen might tell you that if you do not continue to use/consume the Miracle II products for the rest of your life, you will lose your proper "energy balance," (or your body won't have the proper ph, etc.) and that is why the retracing (relapse) occurs. You will not be told that demon spirits will not keep on performing lying wonders in your life if you don't keep on giving them the open door to do so by using the Miracle II products.

A Miracle II spokesman, Dr. Speer, stated that as long as you "stick with the products," you will see powerful results:

Pat Berg interviewed Dr. Speer last week on the Tuesday-night conference call. Speer is a doctor of naturopathy.

"Anyone who is not using the products for massage is missing much of its benefit," said Dr. Speer. He recommends alternating with a half-water-half-soap mixture and straight neutralizer. "These are the only products I have even heard of whose effects last three days," he said.

His experience is that one out of three people experience a "miracle" (his characterization of a dramatic improvement). All experience some kind of improvement.

"But something to be aware of is 'retracing' warns Speer. This is a recurrence of old problems that has been widely recognized among natural healers. Some people may find this discouraging; but if they stick with the products, they are sure to see powerful results. [emphasis mine]

(Quote source: Joel's Miracle II Blog - Tuesday, November 12, 2002) This article is also available in the internet archives.]

Dr. Speer is a doctor of Naturopathy. 

Naturopathy is a primary healthcare system emphasizing the curative power of nature, treats both acute and chronic illnesses in all age groups. Naturopathic physicians work to restore and support the body’s own healing ability using a variety of modalities including nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, and oriental medicine. [my note: subtle energy is employed in homeopathic medicine, oriental medicine, and much of herbal medicine.]

(Quote source: holistic health services)

The Tuesday, August 5, 2003 LAF  MIRACLE  II  CONFERENCE CALL revealed that Dr. Speer includes the occult practices of reflexology and mind yoga in his Naturopathic repertoire of treatments:

My guest is Dr. David Speer, Ph.D., in Naturopathy, 25+ years of teaching alternative healing classes at Penn State University, California University of Pennsylvania and most all local colleges in Western Pennsylvania; teaches and practices reflexology, massage, mind yoga and more.

The real God does not heal in conjunction with subtle energy methodologies, but Satan does.

Dr. Speer's statement: "Anyone who is not using the products for massage is missing much of its benefit," means that if massage therapists do not use Miracle II, they are not availing their clients of the "benefit" of the "energy" contained in the Miracle II soap and neutralizer. Christians, and indeed all people, should reject this kind of demonic "benefit." 

Beware. There are other "energized" products on the market besides the Miracle II line. I wonder why these products in particular are touted as superior. Are they that much more demonically energized than the rest of the energy products for sale? According to the manufacturers, they are heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of power:

*The Miracle II Products are so versatile they not only cleanse the body, they also eliminate toxic and harsh chemicals from your environment.

*Contains: prayer - Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water - Ash of Dedecyl solution - Calcium - Potassium - Magnesium. And the anointing of God. Miracle II contains and holds spiritual and eloptic energy beyond measure. "This is an emergency room in a bottle, as reported by many."

(Quote source: Cascade-Enterprise) [note: this page has been removed from the internet. Please go to the Cascade-Enterprise main page  and you will discover that this is a New Age website.]

The manufacturer's declaration that Miracle II contains and holds Eloptic energy beyond measure is a an incredible boast in the field of "energy medicine." They claim that Miracle II contains so much subtle energy that it cannot be measured!

Clayton Tedeton was thrilled that a radionics machine (a device that measures and broadcasts subtle energy patterns) could not get a reading on his powerful energy products:

July 9, 2001

Someone checked Neutralizer on their Radionics went off the chart! Clayton

(Quote source: Thrivetribe)

Radionics is actually a form of dowsing:

The radionics instrument itself (a box with dials, switches, and an input well to place objects) can be likened to a radio which has dials for tuning and a dial for volume, only this radio relies on the psi ability of the human operator to tune-in to specific resonance frequencies, or subtle energy patterns, through bio-sensing or dowsing.

(Quote source: Radionics and Vibrational Physics

In a way, radionics is like combining dowsing and homeopathy with the aid of a sophisticated instrument - a radio wave instrument for receiving and broadcasting subtle energy.

(Quote source: Radionics & Vibrational Physics)

It is no wonder they are boasting about the power in their Miracle II products. 

My husband and I received some samples of the Miracle II products in the mail, including the subtle energy ball—the Miracle II laundry ball. Gary's arm began to ache when he handled the ball. He also confirmed my suspicions that the neutralizer gel contains more "energy" than the Miracle II soap or even the neutralizer. When people pay an amazing amount of money ($180.00!) for a gallon of Neutralizer gel, they are paying for the power contained in it. But it is not from God.

For those of you who do not believe the gift of discerning of spirits (See 1Cr 12:10) exists in the church today, then please just believe the manufacturer's words which  declare that subtle energy (demons) is in their Miracle II products.

Dr. Mantrell, a Miracle II authority figure spokesman, quoted Clayton Tedeton regarding the neutralizer's beyond-the-natural qualities:

Q - Do you know what it [neutralizer] will do for a liver calcification?

Dr. Mantrell - it takes out scale in toilets, also in the tank, works on hardening of the arteries, in any abnormalities in the body. Clayton says the neutralizer will neutralize anything that is negative for humans, animals, plants or soil. [bold my emphasis]

(Quote source: Miracle II: FAQs)

Dr. Mantrell did not quote Clayton as saying the neutralizer often neutralizes what is negative. He said that Clayton said it will neutralize anything that is negative. This statement is not accurate. If the neutralizer really neutralized anything that is negative, then every cancer patient, heart patient, AIDS patient, mental institution patient, etc. would be completely well if they used the Miracle II neutralizer or the Master's Miracle super-concentrated neutralizer version. Perfect health is not being given to every person who takes the Miracle II neutralizer, and therefore, Clayton's statement is not true.


Miracles From God Vs "Miracles" From Demons

Remember, God does not heal through magical (demonically charged) products. Demons do in a limited way, but the claim of subtle energy beyond measure is not enough to ensure that the demons will work in a uniform manner in each individual that uses Miracle II. That is why the Miracle II promoters cannot explain why Miracle II will work "miracles" for one individual in a particular area, but will not necessarily do the same thing for the next person in the same area or even any area. Dr. Speer's definition of miracle is any improvement, and this will occur only as long as one continues to use the Miracle II product line.

 The real definition of a miracle goes much farther:

miracle: a deviation from the known laws of nature; a supernatural event. Miracles can be wrought only by Almighty power, as when Christ healed lepers, saying, "I will, be thou clean," or calmed the tempest, "Peace, be still."

(Source: Webster's 1828 unabridged dictionary)

The Lord Jesus Christ healed the lepers completely. He did not merely improve their health, and require them to pay him in order to maintain their healing. When Jesus healed a person, it was a permanent miracle. Miracle II "healings" and the healings of the real God are quite different.

The demons do just enough so-called healing to keep the person hooked on Miracle II, but they will not heal them completely and certainly will not give them any improvement independent of the products. The fickle "healings" the demons give and then take back (when the person stops using the Miracle II products) can work to destroy the faith of the Christian and turn the seeker away from what he is told is the work of the God of the Holy Bible.

The world is full of hurting people who are desperate for relief from suffering. They want relief now, and Miracle II promises it now. In fact, some Miracle II users report that the neutralizer begins to work instantly upon application. (The neutralizer in the laundry ball did work immediately and caused pain when my husband handled it. The demons knew their ruse was revealed and did not take kindly to the testing of spirits.)

Demons perform on demand, not the Holy Spirit. There is no way that one can force the hand of God by using a product or by any other means. God is sovereign and he moves according to His will. It is the prayer of faith that saves the sick, not the use of a demonically energized product.

People have been happy to receive the wonders wrought by Miracle II, but these are lying wonders. The price Satan charges the Miracle II user is a spiritual price. The cost for the unbeliever is that he will have so many demons in his life that he will not even want to consider the claims of Jesus Christ, the only name under heaven whereby we may be saved.

The price for the Christian is that his fellowshipping with demons in the form of Miracle II will dull him spiritually and he will drift farther and farther from the Lord—even into apostasy and the embracement of Antichrist, who serves the god of all subtle energy. 

One Christian reported to me that she was under terrible attack while using Miracle II and did not know why. Even while her symptoms lessened, feelings of despair and suicide flooded her mind. Satan loves it when Christians give him place—even unknowingly. He will use it to his fullest advantage against his hated foe: the follower of Jesus Christ.

Please help get the word out about the Miracle II/The Master's Miracle ruse that is coming in the name of Jesus Christ, but that is leading the user to embrace Satan. 

Please print the "Miracle II: The Real Master Behind the Miracle" series of articles and share them with people who do not have computer access.

Links are for the purpose of documentation only.

Gary and Lisa Ruby

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