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Exposing Satan's Snares in the New World Order

Satan is conditioning the saints of God to conform to his plans for the New World Order. Exposing Satan's Snares in the New World Order is about the specific ways Christians are being targeted and spiritually seduced into accepting tenets of the New World Order.  With incredible subtlety, Satan is luring God's people away from "the most holy faith" and into the New Age faith...complete with the New Age Christ who is posing as the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Coming New World Order is Satan's Biggest Snare for the Christian. It is his carefully orchestrated plan that he has been waiting for...until the time when it would be "given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them:"  God will also give him this power  "over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations."- See Revelation 13:7

As the Lord leads me, I will be writing about the ways Christians are being beguiled into coming into fellowship and believing the lies that must be in place to accept this global religion of Antichrist.

My book, God's Wrath on Left Behind, exposes the ways the Left Behind series is conditioning Christians to be subject to Satan in the New World Order. 

See The Church and and the New World Order for information and links about professed Christian leaders who's fruits suggest connections with the New World Order, which is The Plan for the New Age and the New Age Christ.

Stand Against The New World Order or Submit to the New World Order--There is No Neutral Ground

Secret plans to implement a global government are being instituted right now, not some time in the distant future, and every American citizen needs to be aware of what is happening. . . especially the true Christian who knows he must stand fast in his faith and thus resist coming satanic regime. The USA/Patriot Act is one such plan that was quickly passed on October 26, 2001 (Right before the commencement of the Satanic High Holy days) --in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. This Act destroyed many of our constitutional rights. 

Predictably, Christian Patriots are already being called terrorists:

"FBI officials say right-wing militants—including skinheads, neo-Nazis, militia members, and the so-called Christian Patriot movement—now pose America’s most serious domestic terrorist threat."

 See: American Militant Extremists United States, radicals

Now is the time to repent and seek God's face and grow spiritually strong for the hard times ahead.  There is no need to fear (unless you are in rebellion to God in any area of your life) but there is a need to be informed and to be prepared.  Fear paralyzes but information is freeing.  Allow the Spirit of God to minister his conviction to you now so that you may hear his voice when your very life depends upon it later. 

It is important to pray and ask the Lord about when these things will come forth in full force and what He would have you to do to follow him during times of persecution.  I do not know when these things will occur in full force but martial law is planned for this country and is already unfolding in stages and it would be wrong for me not to try to make you aware of this fact.  Only God has the power to slow this down, and my husband and I are praying that God would do this. 

Please pray that God would hold back the implementation of the global regime and martial law in the United States until the true gospel has been preached to every creature and that Christians have had another opportunity to repent and come out of the Falling Away. Pray that God's people would seek him and not faint with fear concerning the perilous times that are to come.

Also see: How To Hold Back the New World Order

 Tim LaHaye and Sun Myung Moon: Co-laborers with "Christ"

"Tim LaHaye has been active both in the Moral Majority and Christian Voice." Quote source:

"Russ Bellant's "The Coors Connection" identifies other Word of God followers who hold key positions in conservative organizations such as the Free Congress Foundation and the Christian Voice, one of Rev. Moon's key front groups."  

"The Christian Voice is headquartered in the Heritage Foundation building in Washington DC. The chairman is Dr. Robert Grant, who is also a member of the Council on National Policy. It is therefore likely that Grant represents Moon's interests in the CNP." There are many connections between the Council on National Policy (founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye) and the Unification Church.  Jerry Falwell is also strongly associated with "Reverend" Moon, Founder of the Unification Church. Quote source:

The following are brief excerpts.  To read the complete section about the LaHaye's (past at least) affiliation with Sun Myung Moon, you need to scroll 2/3 down the page at  Biblical Discernment Ministries (We do not agree with their pre-trib, osas stance)

"The extent to which men like Tim LaHaye will go in furthering the social gospel is truly amazing. LaHaye held the position of paid chairman with Sun Myung Moon's now defunct Coalition for Religious Freedom (CRF)."

"Moon held a Washington Family Federation for World Peace conference in late-1996 that attracted a gaggle of famous "evangelical" speakers, including Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed (now a political consultant), Family Research Council president Gary Bauer, and Concerned Women for America president Beverly LaHaye." Christianity Today confirmed this in their article: Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals  

Notice the article in Christianity Today also states, "Beverly, who has studied Moon for two decades, also notes that speakers at such events often have their trips to exotic locales fully financed in addition to receiving generous honorariums."  

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the man with whom Tim LaHaye has aligned himself with in past years, lumped Jesus in with men such as Buddha, Socrates, and Mohammed!  "Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, Socrates and Jesus are saints who suffered hardships and were persecuted, even as they taught people. They sacrificed their lives in order to enlighten and liberate humanity."  According to Moon, Jesus was merely one of "The prophets, saints and sages who knew God's will have followed God's principles in their own lives."

Moon believes "The one God is the God of all religions."  Please go to REVEREND SUN MYUNG MOON SPEAKS ON ABSOLUTE VALUES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER and read these quotes in context.  You will see this sermon contains New Age propaganda.  Incidentally, THE PLAn on the Left Behind website, has New Age elements in it.  Note: As of Feb. 1, 2002, THE PLAN has been removed from the Left Behind website.  You may read portions of it with my comments at: Left Behind's New Age Gospel.

Moon said he was the Messiah:   "The Christian world must confront the fact that the Messiah's second advent took place at the end of World War Il, in an obscure setting. As did Jesus, he met with countless difficulties, including accusation and rejection. Bearing every cross, he -- the Reverend Sun Myung Moon -- took responsibility for the failure of this generation of Christians, and he stands today as the historical victor with a worldwide following."  quoted from: Proclamation of the Messiah by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Graham Believes Men Can Be Saved Apart From Name of Christ

SCHULLER: Tell me, what do you think is the future of Christianity?

GRAHAM: Well, Christianity and being a true believer--you know, I think there's the Body of Christ. This comes from all the Christian groups around the world, outside the Christian groups. I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they're conscious of it or not, they're members of the Body of Christ.

And that's what God is doing today, He's calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world, or the Christian world or the non-believing world, they are members of the Body of Christ because they've been called by God. They may not even know the name of Jesus but they know in their hearts that they need something that they don't have, and they turn to the only light that they have, and I think that they are saved, and that they're going to be with us in heaven.  See: TELEVISION INTERVIEW OF BILLY GRAHAM BY ROBERT SCHULLER

Please read Dr. Cathy Burns' extensively researched and well documented book, Billy Graham and His Friends. Her book is the most thorough expose of the people who are fueling and funding the falling away church in print.

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