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Michael Pearl's Eight Kingdoms: Masonic Symbolism

No Greater Joy Published Book With Point Within a Circle Symbolism

See the point within the "o" in "KINGDOMS."

The occult font Michael Pearl used for his Eight Kingdoms cover is "Celtic Garamond."

Also notice the Celtic Garamond font that Michael Pearl used for his Eight Kingdoms book was used in the "Vamp List" banner shown below.

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There are thousands of fonts to choose from. Considering the pagan, magical and  druidic practices of the ancient Celts, I wonder why Mr. Pearl selected a Celtic font for his book cover, especially one that contains sun-god/phallic symbolism.

(Note: Michael Pearl used a Celtic font for the cover of his Marriage God's Way DVD too.)

Disclaimer and warning: The banner, Vamp List, advertises an occult website. It is used here is for educational purposes only. If God has not given you specific research to do to expose evil, do not go to occult websites.

Use of images conforms to the terms of the Fair Use Copyright Law.

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